Recycling in the Garden During the Not-So-Dead of Winter

| 1/13/2016 10:18:00 AM

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Composting bins in 3 sizes

I’m not a big planner. I adore living in the present, taking multiple things into account when finding my way through each day. One day the sunshine might guide my activities and the next day might flow through the errands that have piled high.

There are some things that do require a little planning. The purchase of seeds for the garden can be one of those. Since I normally purchase from trusted seed sources who would never consider adding GMOs to their catalog and I rarely impulse buy off the local shelves, I must plan ahead.

Part of my plotting comes in when I go through the goodies I have on hand. Seed packets from past seasons, traded seeds, and saved seeds come under scrutiny. I let my mind wander as I consider what kind of garden I’ll play in during the coming months. Do I want to stick with the usual, or do I want to explore uncharted horizons?

At the same time, I survey the garden space. What areas do I have to work with from the past year, what beds am I going to expand or want to create anew. Am I going to rotate all the crops or will some stay where they happily thrived? And, this year in particular, how can I create my more normal bumper crop of tomatoes so that I don’t repeat the horrifyingly small harvest of last year? I need salsa for my kitchen fun!

Compost Pile from Recycled Materials

I’ve mentioned that I am a fierce practitioner of recycle, reuse, repurpose. My gardening is one place this practice actively shows itself. Aside from the vast reuse of bricks and concrete blocks rescued from other sources, I also employ reclaimed metal bed parts, wrought iron fencing, wooden pallets, and more.

5/28/2016 2:36:33 AM

In different organic structure we are taking the help of recycling. This is the best way to protect environment and reduce pollution, the most important part of recycling is that we are able to reuse the waste materials instead of throwing outside. In case of composite process we should take the help of recycling; here this above article describes a lot about recycling and how to utilize this process in our gardens. Thanks for providing enough details.

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