Adopt a Rabbit for Your Garden

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Adopt a rabbit from the local animal shelter. The bunny gets a good home, and you get organic manure for your garden. It's a win-win!

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I recommend visiting your local pound or
animal shelter to adopt an unwanted rabbit (or two). I
adopted one to provide manure for my small backyard garden
plot. He gets pellet feed, vegetable peelings, yard
clippings, and a carrot a day (I pay 90C for a five-pound
bag, or about 25 carrots). In return, the rabbit provides
animal manure for my vegetable beds.

It only cost $5 for
his adoption fee, while pet-store rabbits cost $20 and up.
Surprisingly, enough rabbits pass from the stores to the
pound to the gas chamber each year, that anytime you walk
in, you can find one or more.

-Brian PangOakland, California