19 Plants Beneficial Insects Love

By Staff

19 Plants Beneficial Insects Love

The following plants will make your garden a boon to beneficial insects that will in turn provide you with free, all-natural pest control.  

By Vicki Mattern 

These annual (a) and perennial (p) plants draw an abundance of diverse beneficial insects in many regions. Choose early-, mid- and late-season bloomers. Include flowering perennials and shrubs native to your area, too. Learn more about beneficial insects and see profiles of our top 10 in Enlist Beneficial Insects for Natural Pest Control.

Plant  Bloom Time 
Sweet alyssum (a) spring through frost
Hairy vetch (a) spring to summer, depending on seeding time
Angelica (p) late spring
Common garden sage (p) late spring to early summer
Orange stonecrop (p) late spring to early summer
Thyme (p) late spring to early summer
Catmint (p) late spring to midsummer
Buckwheat (a) three weeks after planting; continues up to 10 weeks
Dill (a) summer
Fennel (p) summer
Shasta daisy (p) summer
Mints (p) midsummer
Coreopsis (p) summer to fall
Cilantro (a) summer to fall, if reseeded
Cosmos (a) summer to fall
Oregano (p) summer to fall
Yarrows, common and fern-leaf (p) summer to fall
Goldenrod (p) late summer to fall
Asters (p) late summer to fall

For a list of more than 100 additional plants that will give you year-round natural pest control, check out Organic Pest Control: The Best Plants to Attract Beneficial Insects and Bees.

Vicki Mattern is a contributing editor for MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine, book editor and freelance magazine writer. She has edited or co-authored seven books on gardening, and lives and works from her home in northwestern Montana. You can find Vicki on .