“Hemp History Week” Debuts Promotional Video

Reader Contribution by We Are Movement Media
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This year from June 4 to 10, The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), alongside Vote Hemp, will be hosting their Ninth Annual Hemp History Weekto celebrate the history and future of growing industrial hemp in America. Even though over half of states in the U.S. have lifted bans on farming industrial hemp, the HIA uses this event to try to further educate people in the country about the truth about of outdated and inaccurate drug policies. The federal government still prohibits commercial industrial hemp farming nationwide due to these outdated drug policies still in place in U.S. government today.

According to 2017 statistics, over 25,000 acres of industrial hemp were planted last year, a record number since the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, which allowed state departments to legally grow hemp under agriculture pilot programs for limited purposes. With momentum building across the country, Hemp History Week pushes the movement further, spreading awareness about the health benefits, economic opportunities, and technological innovation and sustainability advantages of industrial hemp. The HIA’s mission is to make 2018 the year industrial hemp farming expands across American agriculture and to see hemp set roots in American soil again.

The new HIA short video, Deep Roots, is titled after the annual campaign’s educational theme for 2018. The promotional video was filmed at the Rodale Institute Experiment Farm in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, and shows the strides the farm is making in their research for industrial hemp farming. In the video, they discuss the many benefits they have seen from growing large amounts of hemp, such as a growing bee population round the farm. Specifically, the video highlights the researchers’ insight on hemp’s possible future role in sustainable agriculture and soil health in American farming.

Together, the HIA and Vote Hemp spread the real facts about the consumption of hemp in America:

Hemp is one of the fastest growing categories in the natural food industry due to its health benefits. Hemp provides multiple natural vitamins, dietary fiber, and essential fatty acids. Hemp can also be used in milk, ice cream, and oils for consumers.

Research shows that hemp could potentially power electric cars and handheld electric devices, creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy. Hemp can also create environmentally friendly packaging, cutting down our need to rely on non-sustainable materials, such as plastic or Styrofoam.

As one of the fastest growing plants, hemp has the ability to combat rising CO2 levels faster than any other plant, locking the CO2 in the soil and keeping farming soils rich with carbon without chemical treatments.

The benefits of industrialize hemp farming are endless, and the HIA uses their annual Hemp History Week to deliver this knowledge to the public, and to persuade federal government officials to see the financial, environmental, and health profits commercial hemp farms could provide.

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