Gorgeous Heirloom Tomato Photos

Reader Contribution by Alli Langley
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Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Long recently flooded the MOTHER EARTH NEWS office with her first harvest of heirloom tomatoes. Round and oval, tiny and monstrous tomatoes tumbled out of five gallon buckets and overflowed from bowls. Two of us spent a few hours in the garden photographing this bountiful, colorful harvest.

Here are some of our favorite shots:

Our three sisters garden provided a nice green backdrop to contrast with the bright colors of the tomatoes.

These tomatoes almost look like slices of citrus at a glance.

We dreamed of cooler weather after more than a month of high temperatures above 100 degrees when we made this tomato snowman.

We found this tomato hornworm crawling toward our tomato plants and quickly made sure it wouldn’t devastate our office garden’s tomato harvest.

So many heirlooms — in red, yellow, orange, green, purple and every color in between!

This funny face uses a variety of heirloom tomatoes: ‘Taxi’ for the eyes, a ‘San Marzano’ smile, ‘Orange Banana’ nose, and ears of ‘Juliet,’ ‘Green Grape’ and ‘Sungold.’

A rainbow of tomato slices waiting to be gobbled up by MOTHER’S editors.

Photos by Alli Langley