Composting Bins on the Market: Tumblers, Worm Bins and More

Do-it-yourself composting bins work great for many gardeners, but big, open piles aren't an option for folks who have problems with wild animals, or who want to hide unsightly waste from their neighbors. Gardeners with small yards or deck gardens may be forced to compost indoors but who appreciate a variety of ways to process table scraps and yard waste into rich compost.

We've collected a list of commercially available composting bins to help you boost soil fertility by producing your own "garden gold." The compost bins on this page reflect what's currently available in the marketplace — from large-capacity outdoor containers to cozy worm farms.

Use these links to navigate to the type of composting bins you're most interested in learning more about:

Bokashi Compost Bins
Kitchen Compost Bins
Outdoor Stationary Compost Bins
Compost Tumblers
Worm Bins

Bokashi Compost Bins

Bokashi systems can be contained inside fairly small buckets. They break down food scraps through fermentation with the help of a special bran mix.