Barbara Pleasant Receives Garden Writers Association Award

Reader Contribution by Cheryl Long
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MOTHER EARTH NEWS contributing editor Barbara Pleasant has won another award for excellent writing. Her Gardening Know-How column, which covers practical food gardening techniques, won the 2013 Silver Award of Achievement from the Garden Writers Association in the magazine column category. The winning entries included Care and Cultivation of Permanent Garden Beds (February 2012), Container Gardening with Vegetables and Herbs (April 2012), and Best Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors (December 2012).

“These columns are joint efforts between Cheryl Long, Editor-In-Chief of MOTHER EARTH NEWS, myself, and the MOTHER EARTH NEWS creative team. Together we bring more than 60 years of gardening experience to each project, and a shared passion for research,” Barbara says.

In 2009, Barbara’s book, The Complete Compost Gardening Guide received a GWA Silver Award in the book category. In 2011, Barbara’s feature on “Organic Pest Control: What Works, What Doesn’t” won a Gold Folio Eddie Award. This unique project utilized region-specific feedback from over 1,300 MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers.

Working from her home in Floyd, Virginia, Barbara grows a large organic vegetable garden along with apples, pears, and an expanding collection of berries. A popular speaker at the Mother Earth News Fairs, she has been a contributing editor to MOTHER EARTH NEWS for 10 years.

Photo by Kale Roberts