Eggplant at a Glance

By Staff

Eggplant at a Glance

Grow an array of eggplant varieties to add splashes of exotic shapes and colors to your summer garden. 

December 2012/January 2013

By Barbara Pleasant 

This chart contains a mix of open-pollinated (OP) and hybrid (F1) eggplant varieties (Solanum melongena) recommended for organic gardens. Learn more about organic eggplant cultivation in All About Growing Eggplant.

Type  Description  Varieties 
Oval to oblong eggplant

Tall, productive plants that grow best where summers are long
and warm. Choose fast-maturing hybrids in areas with short,
cool summers.

‘Black King’ (F1), 79 days

‘Rosa Bianca’ (OP), 80 days

‘Diamond’ (OP), 70 days

‘Rosita’ (OP), 84 days

‘Nadia’ (F1), 67 days

Japanese eggplant

Elongated fruits are curved or straight, usually with purple to
purplish-black skins. Japanese eggplant is early and productive.
Tall plants need staking.

‘Millionaire’ (F1), 54 days

‘Swallow’ (F1), 51 days

‘Orient Express’ (F1), 58 days

‘Pingtung Long’ (OP), 70 days

Small-fruited eggplant

Fast-growing and less lanky than other varieties, these are great
for containers or small beds. Some varieties have attractive, purple-
blushed foliage.

‘Applegreen’ (OP), 65 days

‘Little Finger’ (OP), 60 days

‘Beatrice’ (F1), 62 days

‘Purple Fingerling’ (OP), 68 days

‘Calliope’ (F1), 64 days

Novelty eggplant

You can always find new adventures by growing eggplant varieties
that bear white, green or orange fruits. Some strains from Asia are
bitter, but the varieties listed here are not.

‘Casper’ (OP), 70 days

‘Kermit’ (F1), 60 days

‘Louisiana Long Green’ (OP), 75 days

‘Turkish Orange’ (OP), 75 days

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Contributing editor Barbara Pleasant gardens in southwest Virginia, where she grows vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and a few lucky chickens. Contact Barbara by visiting her website or finding her on .