Adaptive Gardening Makes Growing Accessible To All

| 5/11/2017 10:43:00 AM

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The benefits of organic gardening are numerous. People who grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers at home have better access to healthy food, get exercise and fresh air, and often find it lowers their stress level. But gardening can be a difficult task for people with injuries or mobility limitations. Working in a yard or raised garden bed requires moving around, bending over and doing repetitive tasks. This can be a challenge for older folks, people who are disabled or individuals with injuries.

The relatively new field of adaptive gardening is developing techniques so that everyone – regardless of physical ability – can experience the joy of gardening. What is adaptive gardening, and how can you it help you or a loved one grow your own food and flowers?

What is Adaptive Gardening?

Adaptive gardening refers to the practice of “adapting” gardening tasks so they can be performed by anyone, even people with limited mobility. The concept has gained more attention as older gardens have found it harder to keep up with their gardens.

Adaptive gardening combines thoughtfully-designed gardens or raised garden beds with tools that make it easier for people with a limited range of motion to perform necessary tasks. Setting up an adaptive garden for yourself or someone you love doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. It simply takes some ideas, empathy and creativity.

Who Can benefit from Adaptive Gardening?

Adaptive gardening was designed for people with a range of mobility issues. It’s perfect for people who need wheelchairs or walkers, or people with bad backs, injured knees or arthritis in their hands. That makes adaptive gardening perfect for people with disabilities (including veterans), the elderly and people with chronic injuries.

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