Why Everyone Talks About the Weather

| 2/8/2015 5:20:00 PM

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Why Everyone Talks About the Weather

It came to me in a flash while getting up before dawn one cold, dry, winter day – Why everyone talks about the weather because,



The human brain has been fine tuned since the dawn of time to be concerned about the weather. Evolutionary biology would suggest that the minds and brains most tuned to the weather were the ones who survived. No rain = no game for the hunter– gatherer. Too much rain flushes your village, wipes out crops. When you are tuned in you follow the heard or move camp before the flood.

Generation after generation attention to the weather was a daily task. Sensing the moisture content of the air, the direction of the winds, the type of cloud formations began to shape the brain into a genetically tuned weather gage as the generations passed.

Weather Prediction

How tuned are you to the world around you, to the weather, to the climate? If there were no weather report and no weather satellites, could you learn to predict the weather? This is a good exercise for the preppers and permaculturists alike. To predict the weather you must study:

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