The Grasses are Alive and Teeming with Wildlife

| 7/11/2016 9:43:00 AM

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Collection of grass inhabitants

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I can tell you very distinctly how much better it feels to be doing away with my beautiful long grasses this year versus 2 years ago, because I feel it so deeply in my heart and soul. While I still heartily hope for a time when my grasses can stand tall and wave freely in the breeze, I am glad to have had a chance to move more slowly and deliberately without the physical assault of mowing.

On one level, it feels good to be proceeding intentionally with as much purpose and choice as I can muster given a leisurely 5 weeks of action. The hurry-up-to-comply in less than 2 weeks that we had to endure last time kept both my husband and me in a state of fear and anxiety. My mistake then was in actually assuming that presenting the Council with my ideas and vision would seem reasonable enough for them to be persuaded. Because we know the process this go-round, I chose to give my outdoor family members their best chance of survival.

Truly the deepest and most important piece to me as we worked toward compliance this year has to do with the thousands of critters I hoped not to kill as I significantly altered their habitats. I cannot begin to tell you how much better I felt as I crept along, sending all the hopes and energies I could muster for my wildlife to scurry off to safety. I spoke both silently and aloud as so many wee ones scrambled across the cardboard I laid down upon the life-giving grasses.

The photos above show just a hint of the diversity and variety of wildlife living in my mini meadows. Most of our cohabitants move much more quickly than my camera or I can function, so I apologize for the limited collection. I witnessed hundreds of critters during this process and I have no doubt that there were countless others far more interested in hiding than becoming an easy-pickings bird meal atop the plain brown surface covering their former homes.

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