Find a Community-Supported Fishery

Following the same model as community-supported agriculture programs, community-supported fishery programs will help consumers purchase local seafood.

| April/May 2013

Many of us have been enjoying fresh, local produce through community-supported agriculture programs. Now the CSA model, which allows consumers to purchase their food directly from farmers, is taking to the seas.

By purchasing subscriptions ahead of the catch, residents of coastal and lakeside communities can enjoy fresh, local fish and shellfish through community-supported fisheries. Lovers of sustainable food get their fix, while fishermen receive a higher wage to bring in a smaller, predetermined catch. Fishermen are encouraged to offer an array of species, including those that are typically shunned as “bycatch” by large-scale operations, such as skate and redfish.

Go to Local Catch to browse a network of more than 100 community-supported fisheries and see whether there’s one near you.

Kale Roberts is an assistant editor of MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine. His interests include renewable energy, real food and sustainable rural development. You can find him on .

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