Charlie Walters: Natural Farming Advocate

Agricultural economist Charlie Walters explains why the adoption of natural farming is necessary for our nation's future health and prosperity.

| September/October 1984

Mention the name Charlie Walters to anyone involved in natural farming, and you'll immediately hear words of praise. Respected as a giant in the organic agriculture movement, Charlie has stood firm in his fight to educate and enlighten the public on the inherent evils of "toxic rescue chemistry" — his term for the manmade molecules of poison used by many farmers to rescue crops from insect, fungal, and bacterial plant destroyers.

Founder, publisher, and editor of the eco-agriculture monthly Acres, U.S.A., Charlie is also a frequent lecturer and advisor, as well as coordinator of the annual Acres, U.S.A. convention, which brings together hundreds of practicing advocates of natural farming to learn from one another.

In addition, Mr. Walters is an author. His published works on agriculture include Holding Action (1968), Angry Testament (1969), Unforgiven (1971), The Case for Eco-Agriculture (1975), and Parity, The Key to Prosperity Unlimited (1982). He edited The Albrecht Papers in 1975, and with C.J. Fenzau wrote An Acres, U.S.A. Primer (1979).

Former MOTHER EARTH NEWS-staffer Carrie Kent recently paid a visit to the farm boy/economist/editor in his publishing headquarters just south of Kansas City and came away with a clearer understanding of the dangers facing nearly every American farmer, now and in the years to come.

KENT: How and when did Acres, U.S.A. come into being?

WALTERS: I started Acres in 1970, but my interest in the subject was sparked long before I ever decided to launch my own publication. I guess I've dealt with and worked with agriculture in one way or another ever since I finished school with a graduate degree in economics from the University of Denver.

KENT : Is economics your first love?

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