Make Your Own Ornaments

For some good old-fashioned, inexpensive, and productive holiday fun, why not make your own ornaments?

| November/December 1981

'Tis the season for festive gatherings, the reinforcement of family traditions, and joyous celebrations ushering in yet another year. And no matter what the cause for holiday rejoicing—be it a rededication to one's faith or the winter solstice—there's no better time for a party!

Of course, tree decorating is a popular reason for yuletide get-togethers. And my family has, these past few years, established a new tradition by hosting annual Down-Home Organic Christmas Tree Ornament-Making Parties!

Now that's sure a mouthful to say, but the idea is simple: We invite friends and relations each year to join in creating a new season's worth of homemade decorations, baubles that are a bit more permanent than cranberry, popcorn, and paper-chain garlands. And we've found that it's a lot more fun to make the ornaments than merely to hang them! Best of all, every year as we unpack our best efforts from previous seasons, the handcrafted objects become nostalgic reminders of shared joys from past Christmases.

You can make your own ornaments too. Here are some of our most successful projects for you to try.

Ornamental Egg-cellence

Eggs are seldom in short supply on most farms and homesteads, and their shells make beautiful and natural substitutes for the slick, mass-produced balls of glass that adorn most American Christmas trees. (They don't need to be white shells, by the way. Very nice effects can be produced with the beige and brown eggs laid by many homestead hens.)

To make egg ornaments, first empty the contents of an egg by poking a hole in each tip with a large needle, and gently blowing at one end. Rinse the inside of the empty shell carefully, and then set the future ornament aside to dry.

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