Eco-Friendly Wedding Series No. 3: Green Transportation for the Big Day

| 7/9/2010 5:01:54 PM

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How you get from here to there is sometimes an afterthought. Destinations are easy to remember: I was at home this morning, I’m at work now and I’ll probably be at the grocery store later today. That period in between — the time we spend driving or biking or walking — tends to fade into the background.

At the same time, many of us recognize transportation as a big eco-issue. Whether you fly, drive or take the bus, your transportation choices inevitably affect the environment either in a positive or negative way. So whether you’re traveling in style in a stretch limo or taking the subway to your wedding destination, how will you make sure Mother Earth is as happy as you are on your big day?

Green Wedding Transportation 

Challenge: Let’s say your wedding will have 150 guests. Many of those guests are probably couples, and some of them are families, so you may have something like 50 cars driving separately to your wedding. But that’s not all. What if you picked a reception hall that’s 20 miles away from your wedding chapel? The environmental impact of those 50 cars zooming around every which way for your big day could be substantial.

Bouquet on a bikeSolution: Your first, most obvious course of action is probably to keep all of your locations close to each other. That means keeping your ceremony site very close to your reception site. Fortunately, many wedding halls have reception halls at the same location. If you have a really beautiful reception hall, you can have all of your guests go straight to their dinner tables and hold the ceremony right there for everybody to watch. If you’re having a back-yard or garden wedding, why not put up a tent and hold your reception in the same area?

If you have out-of-town guests staying in a hotel, try to make sure that their hotel is close to your ceremony location. You can make this easier by setting aside a group of rooms in a hotel to be reserved by your guests. Many hotels offer this service. Your guests won’t have to do any research, and you can pick the hotel closest to where your event will take place.

Tania Lawson
2/5/2012 11:08:28 PM

How about using "Green" Horse Drawn Carriages to transport the bride and her wedding party. We do this all the time. The rest of the guests can go by party bus or electrified trolley.

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