Why Social Media Plus Crowd Funding are Essential Tools For Green Business

| 9/25/2013 12:19:00 PM

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social media posterRecently, one of my readers named Robert Connor Cortese asked me a question about his new green business and how he can help explain to his clients that green business includes a great website, social media and even crowd funding.

I start off with this quote:

"Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations.” – Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog

The bottom line is social media truly does bring in customers and that is effectively the number one goal of all small businesses.  No matter what industry, no matter how big, no matter how small, all businesses are in the business of selling.  And people on social media are buying.  It simply makes sense to be where your customers are spending time.  It's not just the direct, obvious sales that social media takes responsibility for - it's the visibility and reputation on social media that often brings clients to your "storefront." (Source: The Green Pages)

And that's just one reason!  Companies like Green Energy Social is a social media marketing company that helps solar energy installers increase their online presence.  By getting their businesses in front of an enormous group of customers with different demographics and interests, we build brand awareness and drive sales.

Using our knowledge of environmental issues combined with our marketing and social media expertise, we work to tailor campaigns that target and engage customers in the installers’ market.

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