Alternative Wastewater Treatment Plants

Learn the benefits of this alternative wastewater treament plant for the health of our planet and drinking water.

| May/June 1970

OK, gang. Let's face it. We're all infavor of ecology and saving the planet and all those things ... but it's a Royal drag, right? I mean, like, it's a lot of fun to tell the Tennessee Valley Authorityto stop strip-mining Kentucky and it's great to demand that General Motors cut production of those smog-belching monsters ... as long asyou and I don't have to give upour electricity and ourautomobiles, right?

Of course, if we werereally sincere in our protests, no protest would be necessary. Because we — you and I — just wouldn't buy all that steel unless it could be manufactured "clean" ... and we wouldn't use the detergents with phosphates ... and there would be no market for all those aluminum cans and throw-away wrappers. And — to both save our precious resources and drastically cut those mountains of waste — we'd find ways to recycle everything we use.

Alright. Let's stop and dream a minute: Wouldn't it be beautiful if we could — for once and all — combine the best of both worlds: Live in perfect harmony with natureand enjoy the fruits of technology. Set up a homestead or a commune or a whole community, say, way back in the hills ... with electric lights and running water ... but no smog, no polluted streams and no poisoned land.

Got the picture? It's what most of us really want, isn't it? The Pure Life ... with just a little sin on the side. Makes a pretty castle up there in the air, doesn't it? OK. As Thoreau advised, let's put a foundation under it.

How would you like to kill a whole flock of modern problems with one stone: Dispose of all organic waste quickly, easily and naturally; take a giant step toward conserving our precious fresh water; cut air pollution in half; save personal and tax money; and receive a double bonus of rich fertilizer and absolutely free power to boot!

That free power, by the way, can be siphoned off in any form you want: Heat for your home, an industrial furnace, electrical energy, nearly pollution-free automobile fuel ... you name it. Furthermore — if the bumbling politicos in your area refuse to process waste with the simple system that makes this possible — you can set up your own disposal on a village, commune, family farm or individual basis. We're going to tell you how.

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