Top 10 Comments from Home-Birth Mothers

Reader Contribution by Lisa Marie Morgan
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In listening to the stories of mothers who have chosen home birth, the same sentiments are heard again and again. Here is what they have to say in their own words:

1. There is no better way to birth. ~Anne Stevens

2. I loved laboring in my own sacred space. ~ Mary Moon

3. I would do it again and again. ~Anne Stevens

4. I chose a home birth because I wanted to be comfortable and in control. ~Robin Murphy

5. They (my team) allowed me to be the one in charge and call all the shots. ~Anne Stevens

6. I never even felt scared. ~ Mary Moon

7. I loved that I didn’t have to leave and go anywhere. ~ Mary Moon

8. I didn’t have insurance but it was so worth it! ~ Mary Moon

9. I liked being able to ask for something that I had in the house. ~Robin Murphy

10. Best part of my two children’s births is meeting my babies in a peaceful, comfortable, quiet, environment surrounded by people who loved and cared about us. ~Anne Stevens 

If that weren’t enough to get you excited about your upcoming home birth, this video is my absolute favorite footage of how calm and beautiful a home birth can be…and its a twin birth! Enjoy.

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