3 Herbs for Wellness (Video)

By Staff

3 Herbs for Wellness (Video)

By Jessica Kellner

Use these herbs for wellness to keep your major body functions running smoothly and efficiently.

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Use herbal remedies with confidence. The three herbs for wellness covered in this video — turmeric, milk thistle and garlic — have stood the test of time and are proven to be reliable healers. With certain caveats, these plant medicines are safe and effective, helping to keep your major body functions running smoothly and efficiently. Turmeric, a jack-of-all-trades, is one of the most versatile herbal healers (and a favorite among many herbalists). Learn how you can use turmeric for inflammation and pain relief. The other wonderful herbal remedies included here are milk thistle and garlic. Supplement with milk thistle for liver health and garlic for heart health. Be sure to talk with your health-care practitioner before incorporating any new herbs to your health regimen.

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