2 Herbs for Skin (Video)

By Staff

2 Herbs for Skin (Video)

By Jessica Kellner

Soothe and heal scrapes, burns and rashes with these herbs for skin.

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Protecting your skin’s health is just as important as healing any other ailment. As the organ most exposed to the elements, skin faces an onslaught of external and internal stressors. The two herbs covered in this video — calendula and aloe — have stood the test of time and are proven to be reliable skin healers. Calendula is a wonderful herb for burns, scrapes and rashes. Use it in homemade salves or buy a calendula salve at your local health-food store. Aloe gel is another wonderful herb for skin, especially to help heal burned skin. Apply this soothing gel to the affected area to help the skin heal faster. Purchase aloe gel at the store or grow this low-maintenance succulent by your kitchen window.

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