Home Herbal Spa Kit

Raid your cabinets for these natural ingredients to get your own home herbal spa started.

| January 2018

The Herb Lover’s Spa Book (St. Lynn’s, 2015), by Sue Goetz shows that you don’t need to go out for a relaxing spa experience. Her book walks readers through her extensive herbal knowledge, and how to best use each herb to ensure a natural and nurturing spa-like sensation in your own home. In the following excerpt, she provides a list of basic and common ingredients to get beginners started on their journey of herbal relaxation.

The Common Ingredients to Know

Alcohol: (natural grain alcohols): used as a preservative or carrier for herbs.

Apple cider vinegar: astringent, restores pH on skin. Use natural apple cider vinegar or “living vinegar” purchased at natural health food markets. Do not use white vinegar in body care treatments; it is too harsh on skin.

Avocado: used for its meat, made into pulp. Conditioning to hair and skin, high in vitamins A and E.

Beeswax: a natural wax, an emulsifier. Slight sweet fragrance adds a tinge of yellow to balms and salves. Purchase from a local beekeeper.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate): balances skin pH, acid neutralizer. Good for itchy, irritated skin and also helps draw out impurities.

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