Health Benefits of Drinking Kombucha Tea

The reported health benefits of drinking kombucha tea are plentiful, from clearing up stomach problems to alleviating arthritis pain.

| March 17, 2014

Kombucha Tea Scoby and Bottles

The fermenting process: The mushroom converts the sugar and tea into a variety of enzymes, acids and vitamins.

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Kombucha, a fermented tea, is regarded as a cure-all in many parts of the world. In Kombucha Rediscovered (Books Alive, 2013), Klaus Kaufmann, DSc, discusses kombucha’s historical and modern uses and its numerous health benefits, which include its ability to aid digestion, eliminate toxins, support the immune system and boost energy. The following excerpt is from chapter four, “Health Benefits.”

No ironclad scientific research results currently exist to confirm the health benefits of drinking kombucha tea. For now we can only say that the benefits are as real as the personal testimonials — and there are many — that praise the tea’s effects. We must also realize that the tea, like any other remedy, might not work for everyone.

Kombucha Tea and Specific Health Conditions

Following is an overview of the primary health effects reported for kombucha tea. Drinking kombucha tea seems to alleviate a number of ailments. In addition, it helps to prevent the onset of illness and promote health even as we age. Note: Seeking the advice of a holistic health practitioner before using kombucha tea to treat any condition is recommended.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). AIDS, a highly publicized ailment, is a syndrome, rather than a single disease, that impairs the immune system. It’s caused by exposure to HIV, a retrovirus that infects helper T cells and other vital cells in the immune system. I worked with AIDS patients during drug trials at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the early years. In 1991, we knew that once the disease is active, there isn’t a cure. Despite treatment, AIDS victims died within two years of disease manifestation. By 1995, medical science had extended this to three years. Now, decades later, newer drugs have the potential to prolong the lifespan of people with AIDS by many years. In fact, HIV-infected patients on a modern drug regimen can nowadays apparently look forward to a normal lifespan, provided the HIV condition is not allowed to deteriorate to AIDS.

According to Betsy Pryor, kombucha tea can help boost immunity and keep the virus contained for a longer period. This use of kombucha tea is currently under study. Note: Caution is advisable before patients experiment on their own with any homemade remedies that promise better T-cell counts. Some authors warn people with AIDS or HIV against using kombucha tea and advise that further research is necessary.

Arthritis. Individuals with arthritis have reported healing effects from drinking kombucha tea. Many dancers, both in Russia and North America, drink kombucha tea and report fewer ligament and arthritis problems, both of which are common among dancers and other athletes.

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