Using Natural Oils for Skin Health

Learn how natural oils can be used in place of harsh chemicals to cleane and moisturize the skin.

| November 2015

Power of the Seed (Process Media, 2015) by Susan M. Parker gathers comprehensive information on oils in one place, making it a complete reference. Beginners can start with easy-to-follow recipes, while the adept have easy access to the most in-depth information available anywhere.

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: Power of the Seed.

Care and Handling of Oils

Natural oils possess a life-like quality, especially when fresh. Sourced from living seeds and kernels, some are durable and stable, while others are more delicate, reacting with the air and environment. Handling oils properly insures that they remain wholesome and that their properties are preserved while you use them. Good handling practices apply to all oils: avoid heat, light, and air as much as you can, and use the oils in a timely manner.

Storage is an especially important part of good handling. We’ve learned that heat and light will transform polyunsaturated oils into new states, oxidizing them and turning them rancid. All oils should be stored at moderate temperatures, no higher than 70 degrees in a dark cupboard or room, with very polyunsaturated oils best stored under refrigeration to prolong their useful life. The best type of storage system will depend on the oil being stored and the length of time kept before use.

Saturated solid oils (coconut, shea, and the tropical butters) are the most hardy and stable, able to handle warmer conditions and light for a period of time. Refrigeration is not usually necessary to store these types of oil.

The predominately monounsaturated oils (olive, sesame, avocado, and others) hold up well in normal living temperatures (around 70 degrees) when stored in dark bottles for several months up to a year.

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Oils especially Almond and Coconut are best for healthy skin especially during cold weather as it works as moisturizer .There are some skin care products and health supplements like Nuez dela India seed available in market which also enhances healthy skin tissues .View more benefits at

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