A Close Study of Holy Basil

| 2/18/2015 11:51:00 AM

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Holy Basil Tall

Holy Basil Monograph from The Herbarium

At the heart of herbalism is one’s understanding of and connection with the plants. There are many ways to foster this, from personal experience and traditional wisdom to book study and scientific investigation. Ideally, one gathers understanding in all of these ways: observing, feeling, tasting, and using plants for healing; studying traditions and other herbalists’ experience passed down orally and in books; and digging into the scientific literature for new information and perspectives. At the Herbal Academy of New England, we believe all of these methods have value and we strive to incorporate each of them in our own studies and in the information we offer to our herbalist community.

This philosophy was at the center of our approach to building our new plant monograph database nestled in The Herbarium, which is an ongoing labor of love.

What is a Plant Monograph?

The word monograph comes from the Greek word, “monographia.” Mono [single] + grapho [to write]. In other words, a monograph is a detailed writing of a single subject — in our case, herbs.

The Herbarium plant database includes some of the most beautiful and complete monographs to date, pulling together traditional herbal wisdom, hands-on experience, and modern scientific research to present a multifaceted description of each herb. Along with quick facts, there is detailed information on the medicinal uses of each plant. Multiple images and botanical prints, scientific research, and information on botany, energetics, safety, preparations, and dosage make these monographs wonderful tools for learning for students and curious dabblers.

Holy Basil Monograph 

A Close Study of Holy Basil

Excerpted from The Herbarium Monograph Database: Holy Basil.

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