Unplugging to Reconnect: Homesteading and the Kids' Higher Education, Part 2

| 1/5/2016 9:54:00 AM

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Homeschool Field Trip to a Hawaiian Temple 

More than a decade ago, starting around 2004, my wife and I noticed the beginning of two trends in general interest, layman literature when the topic of higher education in the Union was addressed. Now, I'm not talking about esoteric publications; The Atlantic Monthly, Money magazine, U.S. News and World Report were just some of the publications in which we saw this.

Studies Backed by Real-Life, Personal Examples

The first trend was increasing numbers of solid high school graduates choosing to attend community colleges that have feeder programs to universities in an effort to knock out basic requirements (think English 101) before entering a baccalaureate program.

Why? Three reasons. The credits, fully transferable to universities and later applicable to four-year degrees, come at a deep per-credit-hour discount compared to the same courses taught in university settings. The courses are often held in settings that are more favorable to learning--better student to teacher ratios than large university classrooms and full fledged professors, not grad students, providing instruction. Finally, students can attend classes while still living at home--no costly dorm expenses or meal plans or plane tickets.  

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