Unplugging to Reconnect: Homesteading and the Kids' Higher Education, Part 3

| 2/23/2016 9:40:00 AM

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Homeschool Microbiology - Lacto-fermenting cabbage for kraut, cacao for chocolate, and banana for vinegar.

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The second trend in popular literature that we saw was an increasingly prevalent understanding that, with the exception of a very few specialty disciplines (biotech, robotics, oceanography, premed, etc.), one's choice of undergraduate institutions was not as critical to one's success as once believed, especially in the liberal arts world, among others.

Again, we saw this first-hand when we graduated. For example, straight out of school, I was hired at the same salary as a peer who graduated from Harvard (his parents spent many tens of thousands of dollars more than mine for the same result, and I rose further and quicker than he in the organization; the establishment name on our diplomas did not dictate success).

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