The Summer Garden, Good and Bad – with Pictures

Reader Contribution by Sherry Leverich Tucker
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With the horrific temperatures of this summer and drought that left our gardens aching for moisture there have been both success and disappointment. 

The bad news is that my effort to harvest a bounty of field corn was a flop! Isn’t that the most pathetic thing you ever saw?

 But, the good news is that after a much needed August rain, the sorghum has finally taken off and there will be a small crop for squeezing and cooking. We will get to cook it off sometime next week. 

The good news is that since the weather has cooled and we have seen some precipitation the swiss chard is going great guns. 

We also have mustard greens and turnips that are doing well.  

Most greens grow great in the fall.  This is a fabulous way to keep the garden going and continue having highly nutritious home-grown goodness. The bad news is that all the weeds are flourishing as well, especially the ragweed.

 The good news is that a giant cantaloupe finally grew, but the bad news is that a critter found out that it was ripe before I did. What do you suppose would chew off and make a pile of rind beside the melon like that?  

The bad news is that the peppers and tomatoes were miserable in our unbearable heat this summer. The toasty nights and blistering days kept so many plants stressed and even unable to pollinate or set on fruit.

The good news is that the tomatoes that I planted in the hoophouse are setting on nicely and I am hoping to have beautiful red, ripe tomatoes in a month!  

Photo Credits: Sherry Leverich Tucker