The Garden That Was Not

Reader Contribution by Kim Walter
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I had huge plans for the garden this year. I want to show you photos of pristine raised garden beds with mulch in-between, keeping weeds at bay, exploding with awe inspiring vegetables and fruits, green, lush plants bursting with bounty that I would then can away for the winter months. What I can show you are photographs of green, lush weeds growing in-between and inside my raised garden beds covering the carcasses of what were my vegetables and fruits. I can also show you a quarter filled pantry that should have been busting from the seams.

This year, I sucked at gardening. I had zero discipline and farted around until what was a manageable garden became a Thunderdome of weeds. I got busy. I get distracted way too easily. I did not manage my time well. I did not prioritize and I just plain sucked. I am one of those individuals who, at times, make more work for themselves by cutting corners and lazing around without any clear direction. I am a garden loser…but…I am now equipped with the knowledge of what not to do and I am not doomed to fail next year. I have lit a fire under my moderately sized rear end to blow it up next year when I will show you a banging garden and a pantry full of it’s bounty.

Don’t get deterred if you fail, get harder on yourself. Take this fall and read up on what you want to grow, maybe condense what you want to grow and just grow the basics until you get a handle on things. I went all exotic with what I planted and needed to focus my attention on vegetables and fruits that my family eats on the regular and not what seems romantic or eclectic to grow.

I am already planning next year’s garden and while I am not looking forward to all the hard labor to come, it’s my penance for taking it so easy this year as well as a reminder that doing it right the first time saves time, energy and vegetables.

So, go easy on yourself for making a mistake but be harder on yourself to not repeat those mistakes. Making a mistake once is fine, everyone does it, it’s the remembering not to do it again that’s the hard part. Happy gardening!

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