The FAIR is A-Jammin' and A-Jivin'

Reader Contribution by Staff

The FAIR has officially opened and the grounds at Seven Springs are alive and buzzing with energy. The llamas are happily accepting petting and attention, the pumpkin pie smoothies-makers are blending away, and all the vendors are showing their wares. The weather has cooperated and the cool mountain air has combined with the sun to make it a great day to be out.

Bryan Welch, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS publisher, gave his presentation on the path to a sustainable future as noted in his book, “Beautiful and Abundant.” Coming soon, we’ll be enjoying presentations on using chickens in the garden, food sovereignty, how to read food labels in the grocery store, and how to raise rabbits on a small scale.

As volunteer coordinator, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the sheer number and the overall dedication of our help. Working for the love of the magazine and for the chance to spend their off-hours watching presentations and checking out the amazing vendors, our volunteers have managed stages, watched over some rabbits and chickens, and helped divert compost and recyclables from the waste stream. Thanks to all our great help, you are greatly appreciated! If you missed the FAIR this weekend, be sure to try and come next year, and look into volunteering as a way to get in for free and to be a part of the event.