Terrace Support Structure and Picking Ripe Mushrooms

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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One of our chicken pastures is on a steep hillside slope. This is our first experiment in terracing, and if it works we might try to reclaim other similar areas in the future. We’re not sure how long the wall of old timbers will hold up, but with any luck the persimmons we planted will have put down enough deep roots to help keep the dirt flat.

It finally got cold enough for the Thermo Cube to kick on in the refrigerator root cellar.

Jack Spirko from the Survival Podcast interviewed me last week and we had a stimulating conversation about deer deterrents, chicken water experiments, using a blog to promote a micro business, and the yumminess of leafy greens.

When is the best time to pick an Oyster Mushroom? I think we’ve finally figured out the indicators that illustrate when an Oyster Mushroom is at its optimal tastiness.

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton have had a great 2012 experimenting with chickens and mushrooms and just about everything in between. They keep it all going by making and selling a new kind of chicken waterer that goes a long way in bringing the joy back to backyard chicken keeping.