Steam Engines And Narrow Gauge Railroads

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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 Returning from a trip to the local hardware store  (a previous topic) I noted the steam engine was making its run from Alamosa to LaVeta.  The passenger train has a dining car, and several passenger coaches.  It crosses LaVeta pass and its route takes it right through our community.  I was able to get ahead of the train to get this photo.  We took the ride in the fall when the aspen trees were changing colors and the trip was breathtakingly beautiful.  

As it chugs along the rails through the mountain and high meadows the views are spectacular.  There are beautiful rock formations and the trip takes you through two tunnels.  The train takes passengers to LaVeta where passengers are able to eat lunch or just walk around the nostalgic down town area.  If you are visiting southern Colorado taking this very reasonably priced trip is a good choice. It will take you to views that you could not otherwise access and most likely would never see.  

Tickets can be purchased in Alamosa or by putting the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad into your search engine.  It might also be worth while to check their special events as they often take passengers to a high mountain meadow where a concert is performed for the passengers by talented local performers.  We have taken the trip and it is not hard to visualize how cowboys and peddlers rode the same route 150 years ago.  The sounds, smells, and click click of the train wheels along the track  and the whoosh of the smoke stack not to mention the clang and whistle noises as it travails the mountains makes memories.

We very much enjoyed our trip and from seeing how many passengers were on the train today it is becoming more popular each day. I am not promoting this railroad, even though it may sound like that, but since we have taken the trip ourselves I can attest to how enjoyable it is.    
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