MOTHER's Self-Sufficient Competition

Here are the winners for the MOTHER EARTH NEWS "How to Become Food Self-Sufficient" competition.

| May/June 1977

Canning Food

MOTHER EARTH NEWS opened up the "How to Become Food Self-Sufficient" competition in 1975. After two years and 287 submissions later, here are the winners!


The $10,000 First Place Award has already gone to Dan, Mary Lou, Mark, and Brad Taylor of Parthenon, Arkansas.

Jo Frohbieter Mueller of Evansville, Indiana took home the $5,000 check for second place.

Three third place awards of $2,500 each have gone to Eliot and Susan Coleman of Harborside, Maine ... Edwin Martin and Roberta Martin Starry of Randsburg, California ... and the Rick Kasprzak family of Flagstaff, Arizona.

William Behr Mueller of Sacramento, California ... Barbara and Roland Bergman-Hannay of Shepherds-town, West Virginia ... Shirley Waskiewicz of Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania ... Joy Costa of Hampshire, Tennessee ... and Rennie M. Kessler of Pico Rivera, California were all awarded $500 fourth place prizes.

Competition Got Tough at the End

This Competition was originally established in the fall of 1974, and judging (for a grand total of $5,000 in prize money) was initially planned for all entries received as of midnight, September 30, 1975. We received so few submissions (none of which really measured up to the rules laid down for the competition) by that first deadline, however, that we increased the total awards substantially (from $5,000 to $25,000) and extended the competition cutoff date to November 30, 1976.

That did it! Thanks to the increased prize money or thanks to the extended deadline or thanks to both, we finally closed the contest with a total of 287 submissions (over 100 of which flooded in during the competition's final two weeks).

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