Barred Rooster 

Heritage Chicken Breeds

Heritage chicken breeds are valued for their ancestry as well as their distinctive physical traits, which make their meat and eggs stand out from conventional poultry products. These in-depth profiles detail the history and characteristics of various heritage chicken breeds.

Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens
The Barred Plymouth Rock chicken is a year-round egg layer as well as a good meat bird. Both cocks and hens have an upright carriage and are graceful, stylish birds.

Black Australorp Chickens
The Black Australorp is an active bird that can adapt easily to confined spaces and is a good layer in winter. The coloration of the dark-eyed Australorp has been called intense. Its blue-black feathers shimmer with beetle-green iridescence.

Cornish Game Chickens
Cornish Games, also known as Indian Games, are an Anglo-Indian crossbreed usually raised as a meat or show bird. The Cornish has a thick, compact body with a wide back and a broad, deep breast. The muscle development and arrangement makes the Cornish the ultimate meat producer with a large proportion of white meat of an excellent texture. 

Delaware Chickens
The very rare Delaware chicken matures quickly and can be used for organic and free-range farming. Delawares mature rapidly for meat production, with excellent size and conformation. The hens also lay large brown or tinted eggs.