‘The Rabbit-Raising Problem Solver’ by Karen Patry

Reader Contribution by Storey Publishing

Rabbits are popular with both farmers and families. With the increase in demand for locally sourced meat and many homesteaders keeping livestock of their own, rabbits are one of the most efficient animals to raise for healthful, high-quality meat with little space required. And more than 1.4 million households in the United States keep rabbits as pets. Rabbit owners of both kinds have questions about how to best raise their rabbits, and Karen Patry has the answers.

In her new book, “The Rabbit-Raising Problem Solver: Your Questions Answered about Housing, Feeding, Behavior, Health Care, Breeding, and Kindling” (Storey Publishing, 2014), Patry covers the full range of issues related to rabbits, whether they are pets, meat animals, or a source of fiber, with sections on rabbit basics, housing and feeding, rabbit breeding, and illness and injury. The book includes detailed information in each chapter, such as choosing a breed, understanding rabbit behavior, and handling a variety of common health issues.

With the convenient Q&A format organized by topic, readers can easily find the answers they are looking for. “Does a rabbit need a hiding box in a wire cage?” “How old does a rabbit have to be to start eating fresh veggies?” “My rabbit gave birth four days ago, but I haven’t yet seen her feed the babies. Should I be concerned?” Whether rabbit owners are keeping rabbits for meat, fiber, or pets, Karen Patry’s comprehensive answers will guide them to success.

“An excellent, well-written book that will become a classic resource for experienced and novice rabbit breeders.” — Don Atchison, President of the National Rex Rabbit Club


Karen Patry owns Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch and runs the popular website raising-rabbits.com, where she answers thousands of rabbit-related questions. A member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the National Rex Rabbit Club, she lives in Port Angeles, Washington.

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