Puyallup Speaker Spotlight: Darrell Frey, Permaculture and Bioshelter Design Specialist

Reader Contribution by Erica Binns
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 Get to know Darrell Frey of Three Sisters Farm.

What are you going to speak about at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR?

I will be speaking at the Organic Gardening Stage on Permaculture For Farms at 11 am on Saturday, June 4, and on Bioshelter Design and Management at 3 pm on Sunday, June 5.

What are you most looking forward to sharing with FAIR attendees?

Our Three Sisters Farm, located in western Pennsylvania is a 25 year experiment in Permaculture Design. So we just look forward to sharing work work, and lessons learned.

Tell us about your background with your particular topic.

I have been a student of permaculture design for 30 years. I am manager and owner of Three Sisters Farm, a five acre intensive market garden. Our bioshelter is a year round ecologically managed greenhouse. We have managed the bioshelter since we designed and built it in 1989. I also teach permaculture design classes and do a lot of design and consultation.

Why should fairgoers attend your presentation?

Our story is a tale of a family enterprise, of increasing productivity and increasing biodiversity, of community and good design. We hope that by sharing our work, fairgoers will be inspired to be more creative and innovative in their gardens and landscapes.

What are you most looking forward to at the FAIR?

Learning about approaches to sustainable and natural living being developed in the Pacific Northwest.

What advice do you have for attendees?

Get your seats early in the workshops.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could have only one thing, what would you choose?

A water desalination system.

Thanks, Darrell. We’ll see you at the FAIR!

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