Premier 1 Supplies Electric Poultry Net Review

An editor from MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine reviews two electric netting systems and a solar energizer that will help keep your chickens safe from predators.

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courtesy by Premier 1 Supplies

If you’re looking for a dependable electric netting system to keep your chickens in and predators out, Premier 1 Supplies has several excellent options.

If you plan to move your electric fence weekly or more often, look into Premier 1’s PoultryNet series of fences. For heavy chicken breeds, such as Orpingtons, the 42-inch version should be adequate, but if you have light or flighty breeds, such as Leghorns, choose the 48-inch version. If you plan to keep your fence in place for most or all of the year, Premier 1 Supplies’ PermaNet system may be a better option. The PermaNet fencing sports stronger posts with sturdier ground spikes, enabling the netting to better resist sagging and the effects of wind, rain, ice, and snow.

The PoultryNet and PermaNet both come in 100-foot rolls with built-in posts, as well as four support posts for the ends and corners. Editor Russell Mullin says, “Both systems are easy to set up and maintain, and the lengths of electric netting are simple to connect to one another for enclosing larger areas.”

Used in conjunction with the Solar IntelliShock 60 fence energizer, you’ll have sufficient protection against most predators. Plus, this energizer has built-in “smart” features. Russell says, “I really like that the Solar IntelliShock 60 fence energizer reduces energy demand when little or no vegetation is touching the fence — usually during winter and fall. This feature helps conserve the unit’s battery during a time of year when there’s less sunlight for the solar energizer to collect.”

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