The Natural Therapeutic Coturnix Egg

| 11/15/2013 10:04:00 AM

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That petite Coturnix egg is marvelous in so many ways, such that it is the only dietetic food, but also it is beautiful and can be used in decorations and art work. Pharmaceutical companies crave this egg for components in their vaccines. What makes the Coturnix egg so special? 

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Science has proven to us that this egg has healing properties; these results are in scholarly publications and journals of poultry science. Although quail eggs were used in Ancient Egyptian times and the Chinese dynasties for treatments of asthma and other ailments, in 1960 a quail breeder in france tested quail eggs as a treatment and it cured his allergens. He was severely allergic to feathers especially. Another breeder tested the first breeder, whose name was R. Cordonnier, and it proved to be successful as well. Doctor Truffier saw that the two breeders were having phenomenal results and he decided to test quail eggs even further. 

Within the 10 years, 5,000 cures were proposed due to the healing powers of Coturnix Eggs. Truffier was able to configure many therapeutic properties of quail eggs. He chose the strain of the Coturnix since they contained a enzyme in a fraction of the albumen, known as ovomucoid, that aided in treatment of other allergens. At the same time a geneticist entered the picture. Dr. Gerard Lucotte was a specialist in quail, even publishing an article about the qualities of the quail egg whites that defeat asthma. He discovered an active principle in these quail eggs to further aid genetics, scientists, and doctors. Lucotte was able to figure out several raw egg cures. 

The interesting fact about quail eggs, when compared to chicken eggs, is that you can drink them raw without worrying about salmonella. Quail have a higher body temperature than chicken and contain a high amount of lysozyme in their eggs that kill harmful bacteria. If you are squeamish about drinking raw quail eggs, you can have them with orange juice or in your smoothies, however you will get the best results drinking it raw. 

How did the quail egg treat asthma? Why is it used in vaccines? The quail eggs' ovomucoid contains the most powerful  inhibitor of the human trypsin. There are more enzyme inhibitors than the ovomucoid, however. There are glycoproteins as well. These act as natural de-inhibitors which when combined with trypsin have a very powerful effect. In 1994, it was shown that the egg white of the quail egg was the most important in anyone's diet or holistic methods of treatment. the proteins and enzymes that the quail eggs contain are still being studied, due to the fact that they do help in treatment of many ailments in children and adults. 

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