Home Business Ideas: Moving, Publishing and Tintype Businesses

Learn what MOTHER's readers have to share about moving, publishing, newspaper and tintype businesses.

| January/February 1977

This collection of letters from readers describes their successful home business ideas inspired by articles they read in MOTHER EARTH NEWS. 

Richard and Angela Dailey from Caldwell, Idaho: 

My husband, Richard, is a horseshoer by trade, but we haven't lived in our present location long enough to establish a full-time shoeing operation ... so inspired by William Overton's story The Backroads Newspaper Dealership we've taken on a newspaper delivery route to see us through until we are able to live entirely on Richard's shoeing income.

Not that we were extremely enthusiastic, at first, about going into the paper distribution biz. We weren't! You see, back in Montana (where we lived prior to moving here), I'd driven a rural newspaper route on several occasions to fill in for a friend ... and it was horrible!

On my former route, I had to drive 17 miles to my pickup spot at 2:00 a.m. (often in temperatures of forty below), then drive 100 miles on ice-and snow-covered roads ... roads that were so thick with deer that you'd have to slam on the brakes at least five times during the night to avoid (sometimes narrowly) hitting one of the big animals. (Then too, it wasn't unusual for me to have to push the little Datsun through three-foot snowdrifts, or drive with my head out the window after the wipers had become too heavily buried under blowing snow.) As I said before, it was horrible.

After reading William Overton's write-up, though, we reconsidered. "Maybe all newspaper routes aren't that bad," we mused. "Just the ones in Montana!"

12/8/2007 9:37:49 PM

The times have changed in Lewistown Montana, the new manager had promised all paper carriers that there would never be a conversion to postal mail ever. Six months passed we all received a letter in the mail saying the community was complaining about the carriers being late and said the conversion was to begin again. That manager betrayed the carriers of a promise, not only did he lose our trust, he lost a lot of money because angry parents quit buying the paper. Some say the days of the paper carriers of Lewistown are long gone, but I believe that the time of the paper carriers will come again.

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