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Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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 This is the second of  two parts on the type of people who read, contribute and work for Mother Earth News.  This segment is about a gentleman I met through my blogs in the Happy Homesteader.  John Daugherty contacted me through Mother Earth News and as it turns out he owns nearby property which he plans to develop approximately 15 miles to the west of where we live. He currently lives in the mid-west.  I introduced readers to JD in the topic of converting a utility trailer into a camping unit.  That project is still a work in progress and I hope to do another  blog on his finished project.  JD recently came to  this area to work on his property and stopped by to personally meet us. As it turns out he has read Mother Earth News as long as I have – from its very first issue to present. 

One thing I have found with those who read, contribute or work for Mother Earth News is that they are probably the finest people you could meet anywhere under any circumstances.  When JD arrived in Fort Garland he gave us a call and we arranged a meeting.  Due to the extreme wildfire hazard in our area we decided to meet at our home for lunch.  We met with JD and spent an afternoon together and had a delightful time.  JD is a veteran like myself and even though he was Navy and I was Air Force we had much in common.  It has been a long time since I have spent such a delightful afternoon as we did with JD.  

He shared with us his dream and plans to build a home on his nearby property.  As we looked at his house plans I was amazed at the simple but functionality of the one story home.  I have never seen such a well thought out set of plans for a 728 square foot home.  He surprised us with our name fabricated in metal which we are holding in the above photo.  JD was a metal worker before his health required him to stop.  He is a true craftsman and close examination of our name in metal reflects just how professional he really is. He created the design and presented it to us on his visit.  It is something that will adorn our home and when we look at it we will always think of JD and his easy going personality and exceptional skills.  

Whether it is JD or Manuel, the staff or contributors to Mother Earth News, all the people  I have met through this magazine have been the most exceptional people on the planet.  When I was asked to contribute to the blog I had no idea what a wonderful journey I would be embarking on.  So I would like to salute all those in the Mother Earth News family.  An outstanding community of people who are generous, and willing to help others succeed in life and realize their dreams.  I am humbled to be just a small part of this outstanding group of people.  
JD, come back anytime, you are always welcome here and you are one terrific person.
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