Country Lore: Making Meals Ahead of Time

Making homemade meals for a family of five often can be a challenge — especially because I don’t get home from work until 5 p.m. I wish I could say homesteading is my full-time job, but my goal is to be debt-free. To save precious time during the work week, I’ve found it helpful to prepare large portions of meat on Sunday to use during the week. We have our butcher process the meat in double meal portions. This saves on labor, materials and makes it even easier for me to get a head start on the family meals.

I might prepare two large roasts, and just before the family enjoys one for supper, I divide the other roast. Half is returned to the crockpot along with the broth to simmer with noodles, carrots, celery and seasonings. This makes a delicious Monday-night meal. The other half of the roast is placed in a skillet to cook on low with homemade barbecue sauce. This becomes sandwich filling for workday lunches. It also tastes great on a baked potato. In the time it takes to enjoy a meal with my family, I have prepared at least two more meals.

This trick can carry over to steaks and ground beef as well. The only limit is your imagination. Choose a meat that you use in several different meals, and your weekday menu planning is simplified. This strategy makes it easy to offer Sunday goodness any day of the week.

Erica Richwine
Winamac, Indiana