How to Clean, Melt and Store Beeswax

| 8/24/2015 1:23:00 PM

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As the beekeeping season comes to a close and my hives need less of my time, I’m confronted with the jars and bags and racks and bowls of beeswax all over my house patiently awaiting my attention. There are a million methods for all things beekeeping out there but I’d like to share this very simple method of rendering beeswax that will take you from sticky mess to wonderfully fragrant disks of clean beeswax ready for your crafts and beauty products while costing very little of your time and precious energy. And best of all, there’s no waste and your bees will actually benefit from it!

Equipment You Will Need

1. Some type of plastic or metal grate that will fit inside of an empty super. It should have spaces big enough for a bee to crawl through but not big enough for chunks of wax to fall through.

2. A cheap double boiler (I found two pots for $2.00 at the thrift store that worked perfectly)

3. A small plastic, metal or glass container (that you don’t need for anything else) to pour the melted wax into

4. A cheesecloth and rubber band

9/8/2015 8:02:00 AM

Great article and has been working for me for decades,except I just place the wax, etc. under our shed and let all of the bee help themselves to it. On a side note it looks as if the UrbanBeekeeper was frustrated for some reason in his post.

9/7/2015 4:09:46 PM

I learned from a beekeeper that dedicated silicone pans - such as a loaf pan - work best for portioning melted wax. I use beeswax in 2 ounce increments so I have a dedicated silicone muffin pan and it works perfectly; as soon as the melted wax cools, it pops right out in convenient disks.

8/27/2015 9:21:03 AM

This is really an overly simplified overview of the process. Just enough information for you to get frustrated and confused when you try this and it doesn't work out very well.

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