Country Lore: Hose Maintenance

On my homestead, I use garden hoses for a variety of chores. This means that I tend to leave multiple lengths of hose and the connected attachments lying around in the elements for months at a time. The brass couplings on hoses can be prone to corrosion and seizing though, which may result in leaky connections, difficulty in removing attachments, or worse, being unable to disconnect the hose from the faucet.

To prevent these problems, I apply a small amount of antiseize compound (such as Loctite or Never-seez) onto the threads of garden hose fittings. If there happens to be an accumulation of lime or oxidation already on the threads, I remove it with a small wire brush prior to application of the compound.

Use the compound sparingly; the metallic paste is messy and can stain clothes, so wipe off any excess with alcohol. I’ve used this approach with my hoses for the last few years with success; at the end of the season, I simply disconnect everything without frustration. The antiseize compound is inexpensive and readily available through hardware retailers and automotive supply stores.

Dennis Divine
Joplin, Missouri