Homestead Planning

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Some days it’s difficult to wrap our minds around everything we need to do, want to do and should do! Our list seems to be never-ending (as most Homesteading Entrepreneurs know)!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by that list and by real life that constantly requires our attention! These are the times we have to pull ourselves back, look at the big picture and seriously make a plan of action.

When we plan, we are in what we call “CEO” mode. It’s the time we are looking at our goals, objectives, and values. We assess the many ideas we constantly have going in our heads and determine whether they fit in to what we are trying to do.

This time is precious because once we go into “execute” mode, we need to have a solid plan of action to follow. If we have failed to do this thoroughly we find ourselves having to jump back into “CEO” mode, putting a halt on our progress which is frustrating and frankly, discouraging.

With a plan we can continue to work, looking at our calendar/planner which houses our monthly and weekly objectives along with our daily to do list. Having a plan allows all our energy to go toward accomplishing the necessary tasks rather than having to prioritize and build objectives on a daily basis.

Can you go through your day without a plan “winging it” along the way? Yep! Will you be REALLY busy but feel like you didn’t accomplish much? Yep! Successful homesteaders, farmers, and entrepreneurs are organized and methodical. They understand their time is worth money and there is a limited supply of it!

This is one area that cannot be neglected and one that we will be blogging, podcasting, and creating video content about over the next few weeks. Once you go through the discipline of planning it will not only save you time but money.

If you want to get a jump start on planning your homestead/farm and day check out our Homestead Planner/Calendar. It’s the tool we use to organize all our information, tasks, goals, and objectives into one place. And make sure to follow us as we journey our way through the world of planning for success!

Here’s your first step: write down a few projects you want/need to get done and set a time frame for completion. We will be using these projects to work through the planning process.

Photo credit: Linde Mitzel, P3 Photography

Sean and Monica Mitzel homestead with their family on 40 acres and are using permaculture techniques and strategies for the property. The property will eventually become a demonstration and education site where they raise dairy goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and ducks. The Mitzels have planted more then 50 productive trees and enjoy wildcrafting, propagating mushrooms, and raising and training livestock guardian dogs. Listen to The Prepared Homestead Podcastand to learn more about the Mitzels, visit The Prepared Homestead. Read all of their MOTHER EARTH NEWS posts here.

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