How to Make Your Own Beer

| 7/21/2011 1:25:00 PM

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Mark Joy and Alison Sheafor-Joy live north of Seattle and are registered Beer Judge Certification Program beer judges. They brew award-winning beers right in their kitchen using supplies from the garden and the local homebrew store.

In this presentation from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR, Mark and Alison explain the basics of homebrewing, including the ingredients that make a great beer, and the general steps of the brewing process. Check it out!

Megan E. Phelps is a freelance writer based in Kansas. She enjoys reading and writing about all things related to sustainable living including homesteading skills, green building and renewable energy. You can find her on .

bob bray
8/14/2011 4:25:47 PM

I am pleased to see that you discuss home brewing in this publication. Home brewing is something mankind has been doing for a long time. It utilizes extra of what might have been grown. It changes a commodity from fruit or grain that has a short shelf life and requires lots of space and changes it into a product that does not need alot of space, has a longer shelf life, and captures the essence of a season with the fruits and grains which has been used. I both vint and brew. The fruits of the season are bottled and savored months later. That strawberry wine tastes like a bite of summer in the cold december evening. As can the beer depending upon how it's made and what's used. Thanks for this article.

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