Havin' Fun with Homemade Stilts

Reader Contribution by Sherry Leverich Tucker
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A few years ago, Daniel put together a
couple of sets of stilts for the boys to play around with.  He threw
them together with some discarded lumber.  They have been used a lot
since then, and the boys are still having lots of fun clodding around
on them.  Daniel recalled possibly seeing the design in an old
Cubscout book when he was young, but couldn’t be sure exactly where
the idea came from.

They are constructed out of a length of
a 2 x 4 ripped to make it a 2 x 2.  For ripping, a table saw is
necessary – please refer to the table saw manual for information on
ripping correctly and safely.  For a young beginner, maybe a 10 year
old, starting with an overall height of four feet is good.  The
steps, which are wooden wedges about four inches wide (can be cut out
of a 2 x 4 scraps with a handsaw or other saw), should be placed
about five inches from the bottom.  These wedges should be screwed in
with wood screws that are at least 3.5 inches long.  Nails shouldn’t
be used, as they won’t hold onto the wood nearly as well, and screws
can be removed to move the wedges up or down as desired.  After they
are constructed, use a rasp and sandpaper to smooth out corners and
sharp edges till smooth and blunt.  

For adults, or as the kids get older,
taller stilts can be fun.  My oldest enjoys getting around on high
stilts and is always wanting to go just a little higher.  It is fun
just to give it a try when friends and family are gathered.  I have
tried and am no good at it! But, I very much enjoy watching the kids
play around.  Please share with us some summertime ideas your family
enjoys!  Have a great one!