Hand-Built Circular Stone House For Sale Part Two

Reader Contribution by Elesha Snyder
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The construction of the Circle Stone house was well under way as wall after wall went up and the house started to take shape. After all of the interior walls were finished it was time to start on the exterior ones. This would be a considerably more difficult task because the rocks needed for these walls were much larger. In fact, the rocks on the bottom row of the exterior wall average over 2 tons each and even the smaller ones are over 500 pounds.


n order to build the exterior wall, Sheryl would use a chain on the back hoe and attach it around one of the colossal boulders. She would then drive the boulder over to Karen on site who would guide it into place. Once it was placed on the wall they would remove the chain, mortar it into place and start the process over again. After 2 years and 9 months, over 200 tons of sand and mortar and God only knows how many rocks, the skeleton of the house was finally done. The women rented a sandblaster to clean all of the excess sand and mortar from the stones, and then sealed the entire house with a special waterproofing product.

The next step would be to place the roof supports and for the first time since they began construction, the professionals were called in. The roof is supported by seventeen, thirty four foot wooden vigas set into a wagon wheel pattern. The vigas were set into special U-shaped niches built on top of the walls. After the vigas were in place, they rocked another one and a half feet up all the way around the house to make room for the roof. They were sure to leave three 6″ canals that allow for proper drainage of rainwater. These canals each drain into a 1500 gallon storage tank for a total of 4500 gallons of rainwater storage.

The ceiling was made with 2 x 12 rough sawn Douglas fir planks set to follow the circular pattern of the house. Once the ceiling was up all of the upper electrical work could be done. Also, seven skylights were put into the ceiling including a sizable 4 x 4 one placed right over the area where a bed would occupy the master bedroom. Once the ceiling planks and skylights were done the professionals were called in once again. A four inch urethane foam with an R30 insulation was sprayed on top of the ceiling planks and became the roof of the house.

 Next, all of the custom interior and exterior doors and the Low E Andersen windows were installed. Sheryl then connected the electrical to the “power plant”-the 24 batteries that stored the energy harnessed by the solar panels and wind generator. With the utilities up and running, the house was nearing completion and the only major thing left was the interior. 

 It might seem like the job was almost done but it took over one year before the project that began almost three years ago was finally completed. View more photos of the construction process below ,and stay tuned for the final installment of the building of the stone circle house.

This amazingly unique and beautiful eco-friendly property is for sale. For more pictures and detailed information please visit www.circlestoneranch.com