A Guide to Wood Stove Accessories

A guide to wood stove accessories and how to use these wood stove tools, including the poker, ash hoe, whisk broom, door pinya, wire brush and ash can.

| January/February 1978

This guide to wood stove accessories provides helpful tips for purchasing and using wood stove tools.

A Guide to Wood Stove Accessories

Day-to-day operation of a wood stove requires a few simple accessories. Each setup has its own particular requirements. This is my personal list:

Poker: This tool is essential for rearranging the wood in the firebox and for raking the coals forward to the draft in those stoves where this is necessary. A poker need not be elaborate, I've gotten by for long periods with nothing more than a green stick. But, naturally, some sort of light metal rod is better. It should have a right-angle crook on the working end.

Ash Hoe: A small, fireproof version of the common garden tool, the ash hoe is used to pull ashes forward when emptying the stove or when covering the draft hole in order to seal it when setting an overnight fire. It is also handy for pushing the glowing coals to the back of the stove, as one does when preparing to bake in a stovepipe oven or when setting the fire to hold overnight.

Small Shovel: This is handy for removing ashes from the firebox, and also for use as a dustpan when the sweepings are to go into the stove. The small models, designed to go with coal scuttles, and the fancier ones, sold as fireplace accessories, both work nicely.

Whisk Broom: Hung near the stove, a whisk broom makes it easy to sweep up spilled ashes and bits of bark or wood.

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