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| 9/5/2013 11:47:00 AM

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baby bunniesLast summer, a friend gifted me with a set of gardening DVDs by author Marjory Wildcraft. Thinking I already knew everything about growing food, I set the videos aside until winter. When I finally put in “Grow Your Own Groceries,” I couldn’t stop watching.

The home video of Marjory, husband Dave and their two children demonstrates (also with charts and handy reference CD) how the family created their self-sufficient homestead. Marjory shows how they made soil from Texas sand and clay, set up rainwater catchment systems, began raising livestock and how more than half their diet is organic food they grow.

“Americans are incredibly under-nourished people,” Marjory said. “I believe it is why so many are so ill.”

Ninety-five percent of food in mainstream grocery stores is toxic, says Marjory, adding that the United States is no longer food self-reliant as it imports 65 percent of its fuel to grow the major crops of corn, wheat and soy.

9/11/2013 6:05:42 AM

I'm so pleased to see your article about Marjory, and her video "Growing Your Own Groceries." I believe that it will, not only help many to learn about growing their own food, but can be the best there is, at helping in a time of financial troubles, and unemployment. The cost of food has changed so much in the past 2 years, that I believe everyone can benefit from her information and solutions. Mother Earth News has always been the place to read, if you want to know the best there is, when it comes to gardening, and to be ahead of the "game" with real, trusted, information, and I'm thrilled that you have seen that in Marjory and her "Growing Your Own Groceries" video's. Thank you so much for sharing it with so many. It can change your life.

9/10/2013 4:46:56 PM

Great article, what took you so long to interview the fabulous Marjory?

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