Golf Cart Modifications and Back Up Generator Failure

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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We learned a lesson on back up generator maintenance when a summer storm came through and took the electricity with it. Our Champion generator had a fouled spark plug, and just as I got it extracted for cleaning the power came back on.

Anna had a interesting post on a new study that looks at why some tomatoes are a darker green towards the top and how the big growers have breed this out while at the same time decreasing the overall taste.

The Club Car golf cart continues to be a work horse for us. Recent modifications include upgrading to much heavier duty springs so we can haul more weight and an improved front and rear storage platform that is already paying off in time saved.

There was a time when we recorded the maximum and minimum temperatures every day, but those darn digital thermometers only seemed to last 6 months or a year before they stopped working. Anna is trying out a very promising analog max/min thermometer that seems like it might last 100 years if we don’t drop it. 

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton are getting through this heat with the help of a creek where they pump water directly to some common sprinklers to keep their precious garden green. They support their homesteading lifestyle with a micro business where they make and sell a new and innovative chicken waterer

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