DIY Rabbit Hutch From Wooden Pallets

| 5/13/2013 4:12:00 PM

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No one wants to spend gobs of money on a simple rabbit shelter like a hutch and while it’s great to go to the hardware store and buy supplies new, it isn’t always possible. This rabbit hutch was built utilizing four recycled wooden pallets (picked up for free!), a roll of rabbit floor wire, wood screws, scrap plywood, hinges, and a latch. Using pallets for lumber was certainly a new experience and should I decide to build

DIY Rabbit Hutch construction

another hutch, I don’t think we will be using pallets again. Although one saves close to $60 in lumber, it is a pain in the booty-cakes to pull those things apart. If you can spring for some 2×4 and plywood — go for it! If not, this tutorial is for you. The cost of all the materials needed was about $22 total.

You will need: 

• Skill saw/radial saw
• Cordless drill driver
• Hammer
• Crowbar
• (4) Wooden pallets in decent shape –mine were 48″x38″ with a few boards on the back
• 30″ wide x 10′ roll of 14 or 16 gauge rabbit wire in 1″x1/2″ (friendly size mesh for bunny feet)
• (1 box) 2 1/2″ wood screws (1 box) 1 1/2 – 2″ wood screws
• (1 box) horseshoe nails
• (2) hinges
• (1) latch –do not use a hook and eye; raccoons are smarter than you think
• A box of tissues for when you cry over pulling apart pallets

First off, dismantle all of your pallets while trying to keep all of your boards intact. I ran the radial saw

4/24/2016 1:17:54 AM

Wow, pretty neat! Good for the frugal minded(like us). My habby is a carpenter and still says the bought ones are cheaper and nicer than anything he can make(counting time ofcourse!). We made a site that reviews a bunch of them actually. You can check it out here:

6/4/2013 8:54:23 PM

I used a pry bar, but not one with a nail cutter... That's what I was missing! If only I knew a few months ago. :)

5/29/2013 9:04:02 AM

You can dismantle pallets very quickly if you have a pry bar with a nail cutter, aka Wonderbar pry bar. Just slide it between the boards where the nail is, lining up the notch with the shank of the nail, tap the end firmly with a hammer and give the bar a twist. I can dismantle 4 pallets in about half an hour using this. The nails usually end up with a smooth cut, but if the cut ends stick up, just give them a tap with the hammer to make them flush.

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